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Win Loyalty Through Great Customer Service

Hopefully the current economic downturn will begin to work itself out this year but, regardless, the strength of the relationships you build with your customers now will not only help you outlast the short-term challenges, but help position you for the better days to come.

Here are ten ways companies can win consumers’ hearts and minds during challenging times, most of which are based on the simple, common sense premise of providing great customer service:

1. Use cost savings to boost marketing

Focus on cost savings in addition to revenue generation when implementing a customer initiative, and then use those savings to fund a more aggressive effort to grow market share while others are cutting their efforts…and dropping off your prospects’ radar.

2. Don’t stop customer initiatives

Don’t discontinue all existing customer initiatives in an uncertain economy. If possible, look for ways to perhaps reduce the scope, or postpone certain less critical enhancements or improvements for the time being. Most important, keep the ball rolling on important initiatives in order to not lose momentum, or the equity you have already built toward capturing important relationships and markets.

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Posted by John Harden  March 27th, 2009

The View From Where We Sit

We typically are approached by companies with a need in one of three areas – they want to take their business to the next level; they have an underperforming business unit or brand; or they want to take advantage of a new opportunity.
In all cases, our client either doesn’t have the necessary skill sets on their current team, or they simply don’t have someone available who has the time.  Or sometimes it’s both.

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Posted by John Harden  March 4th, 2009

Putting Communication Front And Center

Don’t let technology get in the way of your message.  To avoid doing so, you need to take control of your internet strategy!

Why?  To ensure that new technologies enhance customer experiences – not distract. 

Key to that is making certain the focal point of executing strategy is the customer.  Somewhere in the digital world that vision has become blurred, and while addressing the customer’s needs, wants, attitudes and motivations should be the primary objective, too many companies have become mesmerized by the siren of the latest technological wizardry, and the perceived need to match the competition’s online activity for fear of being left behind. 

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Posted by Barbara Hoganson  March 2nd, 2009